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The Bush Connection Ebook is an amazing non-fiction, anti-Nazi history book that details the Bush Family's connection to SS Nazi war criminals & Adolph Hitler. Hitler's Giant 6' 4" Bodyguard, Commando: Otto Skorzeny Tells All!

See never before published photos of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush with SS Nazi's and more! George H.W. Bush wasn't born in America! He is a presidential usurptor and must be impeached to restore Democracy in America ! Learn the identities of the CIA's most beloved Nazi war criminal employees; Scherff Jr., Mengele, Skorzeny, Brunner, Rauff, Gehlen, Wisner & more! See never before seen photos of the optically invisible Aurora Spy Plane leaving a donuts-on-a-rope vapor contrail taking by Skorzeny. *See the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler taken after his "alleged" suicide!

Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever done for America or for you? If not, you better buy a copy of The Bush Connection ebook before it's too late! Help Stop The New World Order takeover of America! Buy a Copy Today!



The Following News Stories Are All

Proven To Be
"False-Flag" Government

Hoaxes By Erik Orion!

The CIA Controlled Main Stream

Media is Full of Shit & Can't be


  • The "Alleged" Aurora Colorado Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Newtown Square Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Naval Yard Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Recent FT. Hood Shooting Never Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Recent Santa Barbara Shooting Never Happened Either!

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax Actor Richard Martinez EXPOSED!!! MUST SEE!


The White House, Senator Feinstein,

Congress & Senate along with the CIA,

FBI,NSA, DHLS Conspired With CNN,

ABC, CBS, & FOX News to Create

These "Fake" News Stories In a Lame

Attempt to Justify "Their" Need For More

Gun Control!


Feinstein is a Communist Traitor!

America does not want nor need more

gun control!


The Pro-gun control Rhode Island State

Senator Josh Miller, is a Communist

Traitor too!

He should be impeached or recalled

immediately for trying to violate the 2nd



It cannot be disproven that The

Chinese Government, the cock sucking

Nazi Koch Brothers, Bill Gates, The Nazi

Bush Cabal,Mayor Bloomberg & the

Rockefeller's are paying millions of

dollars to Obama, Feinstein, Miller & the

entire US Government to take America's

guns away so it will be easier for China to

invade and takeover America, soon.


Watch Out America!


The Gay, Communist Ursurptor

Obama, Feinstein, Miller, The CIA & FBI

Have More False Flag Attacks Planned

to take away our guns!


Obama committed treason once again,

just like Bush always did by outsourcing

US top secret stealth bomber parts to be

made in China!


Obama is hiding wanted SS Nazi war

criminal CIA employees in America, just

like every other US President did.


Communist Obama gave 6 billion dollars

to Pakistan & now he gave

1 billion dollars to the Ukraine.


What is he thinking? Obama is

bankrupting America just like Bush did.


Millions of American's are starving,

living in poverty with no health insurance

yet Obama can afford to give away

billions to foreign countries.


It would be nice if Obama stopped giving

our money away to other countries.

America needs its money to help its own



It's Time to Impeach The

Communist Gay President Usurptor

Barry Soetorro Obama / Malcolm X Jr.,

Before He Creates More Treasonist

False-Flag Attacks Against America

& Repeals The 2nd Amendment!


Reagan was Gay & Bush Sr. is Gay too!



Obama is Forcing a Gay Communist

Agenda on America.


Obama is a gay, Communist CIA Puppet Dictator With a

Forged Birth Certificate & Fake Social Security Number

From a 115 Year Old Dead Man From Connecticut. His

wife is "allegedly" a man & his children were "allegedly"



Is Michelle Obama Really a

transgender man; Michael Obama?


Is The First Lady Really the First Man?



Here's Obama Referring to His Wife as

Michael, Not Michelle...Whoops!


Here's Joan Rivers calling

Michelle Obama a tranny...



Transgenders in Sports


Are Venus & Serena Williams Really

Transgender Men?


Attention LGBT: It's time for your

transgenders to be exposed for who they

really are!


The LGBT allegedly bribed the IOC

Internatioal Olympic Committe to

look the other way & not gender test

the Williams transgender man sisters.


Hitler's Cousin,The Young SS Nazi:

George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W.

Bush Has The Official Honor of Being

The First Illegal Nazi to be Brought to

America Under Operation Paperclip!

George HW Bush is a Foreign Born Nazi Spy! He is a Presidential Usurptor. Bush Must be Impeached to Restore Democracy to America!

The Corrupt/Communist Secret Service, FBI Gestapo & CIA "Illegally" Allowed a Foreign Born Nazi Spy, Bush Sr. to Become a US President!

Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever done for America or for you? If not, you better buy a copy of The Bush Connection ebook before it's too late! Help Stop The New World Order takeover of America! Buy a Copy Today

Obama is a gay, Communist CIA Puppet Dictator With a

Forged Birth Certificate & Fake Social Security Number

From a 115 Year Old Dead Man From Connecticut!

The Corrupt, anti-American, Pro-Fascist LAPD is Seen

Here Rescuing a CPR Dummy in a Wheelchair While

Falsely Claiming It's a Real Person!


The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened,

It Was Just another Obama anti-second amendment

false-flag shooting Drill!


These White House / FEMA / TSA / C.I.A. / F.B.I. /

Homeland Security Terror Drill Hoaxes Are False-Flag

Attacks Against Democracy & America.


The American Public is Wise to the US Government's

Illegal, Communist, False-Flag Attacks Against


Obama is Pushing a Communist, Homosexual

Anti-Gun Agenda on America!

The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Was a FEMA False-Flag, Mass Casualty Terror Drill Hoax. Just Like The "Alleged" Newtown Square, Ct, "Alleged" Aurora, CO Mass Casualty Shooting Practice Drills & Recent "Alleged" Murder of a Female Bad Driver by D.C. Cops.


Here is the double amputee FEMA crisis actor aka: Jeff Bauman with fake injured leg prosthetic legs over his "stumps." Notice that there is no blood anywhere and he is not in any pain! Hey, where's the blood trail & horrific pain?

Another, lying piece of shit, fake victim/ FEMA crisis actor pretending to be scared & injured...

Awe he so scared it's frightening!


Another lying Piece of Shit FEMA crisis actor pretending to be scared with a fake leg wound without any blood on the bandage was just helping a lady in the photo above, now he's injured and needs a wheelchair...Bullshit!

Corrupt Gestapo FBI Agent & Corrupt Public Officials
Committing Treason on Camera.

Here we have the real criminals / co-conspirators behind the Boston Marathon bombing hoax. A dishonest, Anti-American, alleged homosexual F.B.I. agent "pencil neck / red-tie & glasses" & his Treasonist, Homosexual Boston Government cronies lying to the world about their staged FEMA mass casualty crisis bombing anti-gun propaganda movie they were filming.


The Boston Police Commissioner Resigns in Shame!

The Lying, Boston Police Commissioner Resigned in Shame Before He Could Be Charged & Tried For Treason & Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism, For Organizing the "False Flag" Boston Marathon Bombing Attack Hoax!

Here is the Treasonist, Boston Police Commissioner Lying to the World About What Really Took Place That Day. The anti-American, Communist Police Commission resigned in shame before he could be arrested and charged with Treason. The Treasonist Boston Police bomb squad & the Craft Team mercenaries are guilty of discharging two flash bombs in public areas & creating false flag terrorism to aid Obama's agenda to ban the second amendment & declare martial law.



The "Corrupt" Anti-American FBI Gestapo Murdered Todeshev, An Unarmed Federal Witness, In Cold Blood by Cowardly Shooting Him in the Back Several Times and Then In The Head to Finish Him off.

Update: 3/22/2014

The murdering Nazi Gestapo FBI agents were NOT charged with any crimes for committing premeditated murder!

I object to the FBI's illegal/unlawful murderous activities! I urge all Americans to buy guns to protect themselves and to contact their elected officials to demand an investigation into the FBI's illegal murderous activities before they can murder another innocent man! You might be next!

Watchout American Journalists, the corrupt FBI could murder you next, for no reason & they will get away with it!

The corrupt Boston Police Gestapo Murdered The FBI's "Useful Idiot" Older Brother Tamerlan & Then The Rogue FBI Flew Down to Florida & Murdered His Buddy, Todeshev, a Federal Witness. The FBI Then Pinned Several of "Their" Unsolved Whitey Bulger Murders on The Pair to Further Discredit them. The "Rogue" corrupt FBI then murdered two of its good agents that were involved in the arrest of the FBI's "useful idiot" younger brother accused bomber by throwing them out of a helicopter during a routine training mission.

Question: "When is it okay for the FBI to murder two of its own agents and a Federal Witness?"

Answer: "To help Obama & Feinstein achieve their Communist agenda of banning the 2nd Amendment & declaring martial law, in an effort to create a New World Order Government in America."

Why wasn't there any investigation into the FBI's murders?


"Who Wants More Gun Control? Raise Your Right Hand..."

It's Time To Impeach gay, Communist Obama & Communist Senator Feinstein Before They Create More False Flag Attacks to Use As Excuses to Declare Martial Law & Repeal The Second Amendment!

Can you name one "good" thing OBAMA or the C.I.A. has ever done for America or for you? If not, you better buy a copy of The Bush Connection ebook before it's too late! Help Stop The New World Order takeover of America! Buy a Copy Today!


Obamacare is Illegal & Unconstitutional !

Just Say No To Obamacare


Watch Out Americans!

Obama & the main stream media are pushing a Gay,

Communist, Anti-Gun agenda on America!

The NRA Protects American's Rights!