Your vote DOES NOT count. It Makes no Difference who you Vote for.

The Right Wing and the Left Wing Belong to the Same Satanic Bird; "MOLOCH."

Wealthy Oligarchys "Own" the Electoral College & the Mainstream Media.
They Decide who Becomes the President, NOT you!


Here is " crooked," Hillary Clinton hailing Satan.

Hillary is Above the Law & will never be prosecuted for her treasonist crimes!

Attention American Citizens; Crime DOES Pay, as Hillary Clinton can attest to.


"Alleged" Undercover Federal Agent Jesse James aka: Phil Hartman with Plastic Surgery Hailing SATAN with Donald Trump.

TRUMP is "allegedly" a 33rd Degree Freemason & a high ranking member of the Church of Satan.

TRUMP is an Illuminati insider pretending to be an outsider!

TRUMP is a double-talking, conservative, neo-con politician, just like all the rest!

TRUMP is deepening the swamp with career political criminals.

He is NOT draining the swamp as he claimed he would do.



Is Donald Trump Trying To Save Money By Living

in a Public Storage Unit In Delray Beach, FL?

Naa, it's just a cardboard likeness of him. Ha, ha, ha.

Trump refuses to release his tax records because

he doesn't pay any taxes!

American Millionaires & Billionaires don't pay any income tax.

That's how they stay so rich!




The Corrupt Congress's

Lazy, Communist / Democratic

Millionaire Traitors Are Staging

a Sit-Down to Take America's

Guns Away!


The Gay Communist Muslim

President Obama, Hillary Clinton

Along With The Corrupt,

Treasonist Congress & Senate Are

Being Paid Millions of Dollars

by North Korea & China to

Take America's Guns Away to

Make it Easier for Them When

They Attack America, Soon.


Any Congressmen or Senator

That Votes to Restrict The 2nd

Amendment in Any Way to

Decrease the Risk of Muslim

Terrorism Should be Impeached!



The EVIL, Alleged Homosexual /

Pedophile C.I.A. Director;

John Brennan is a

Radicalized, Gay, Communist

Muslim Just Like Obama!

Can You Name One Good Thing

The CIA Has Ever Done For

America? Think Hard.



Breaking News!

The Alleged Ohio State Mass

Shooting Never Happened as the

Media Falsely Claimed it did!


It was a black FEMA crisis actor

with a rubber knife, NOT an AK-47!

The Obama Administration is Staging Mass Shootings

in an Effort to ban All Guns in America.

American's: You Must Stand up For Your Gun Rights

or Communist Gay Obama & Communist Traitor

Senator Feinstein will Take Them All Away!


Bari Soetoro aka: Gay Communist

Muslim Barack Obama is Really

Bari Shabazz the son of

Malcolm X.

The "Littlest Black Panther" Bari Shabazz Obama is a fugitive from Justice after causing a deadly car accident & fleeing the scene in 1982 in Hawaii.

Gay Communist Muslim President Bari Shabazz Soetoro Obama
is using the social security number from a 115 year old dead
man from Connecticut. The FBI & IRS know all about Obama's fictitious social security number but they do nothing about
it. They are conspiring to protect Obama's identity fraud.


Communist, Gay Muslim Obama Did it Again!

The "alleged" Paris shootings were another False-Flag attack

by the United States Government & the French Government!

No one died in Paris on Friday 13th! It was just another fake

Government Terror drill created to scare citizens into letting the

Government take more freedoms away from them for their own



The Gay Communist Muslim,

PedophileTraitor Obama aka:

Malcolm X Jr. along with crooked

Hillary Clinton,with the corrupt,

fascist FBI, CIA, FEMA, Congress

& Senate, Dept. of Homeland

Security & the piece of shit main

stream media conspired to create

another "FALSE FLAG" active

shooter/knife drill & claimed it was




Communist Gay Muslim Obama, along with the corrupt FBI, CIA,

Homeland Security, FEMA & the Mainstream Media are planning

another 911 False-Flag attack in America soon, so Obama can

declare Martial Law & take all of America's guns away!

It's time to Impeach & Arrest Communist Gay Muslim Obama before

he and his Communist Gay Cronies can cause more harm to

America by creating more false-flag attacks to take our guns away &

for leaving America's borders open for Syrian refugee terrorists.


The "Alleged" Oregon College Shooting is Proven to be Another

False-Flag Attack on the 2nd Amendment! It Was a FEMA Crisis

Actor "Staged" Active Shooter Drill Just Like All the Rest of

the "Alleged" Mass Shootings.

The Obama Administration is Staging Mass Shootings in an Effort to ban All Guns in America.

Why is it That Every News Station

Has to Have Homosexuals &

Lesbians Reporting the News?


CIA Asset / Homosexual News Reporter: Anderson Cooper

"Cock sucker" Cooper admits that he has no journalism experience.

The CIA & Whitehouse create the news lies. They give those lies to the

AP Press. The AP Press sends the same lies to all of it's networks.

Then, CIA Asset; Anderson Cooper reads those lies as Headline News

& the whole world accepts those lies as the truth!


Why is it that More Lesbians &

Homosexuals Are Given TV

Shows to Host Than

Straight People?


The Not Funny,

Raging Homosexual:

"Cock-Sucker" Conan O'Brien



The Not Funny, Bull-Dike Lesbian

Ellen "The Degenerate" Degeneres



The Not Funny, Insane,

Flaming Homosexual:

Neil Patrick Harris

(Hey Neil,..Got Aids?)

Why is it That Gays Play the Role

of Straight People on TV?



The Not Funny, Fat & Ugly

Toe Nail / Muff Munchin' Lesbian:

Rosie O'Donnell


Are Homosexuals & Lesbians

Any Funnier & More Entertaining

Than Straight People?

I Don't Think So!


Hey, Stare At Kim's Ass

For Awhile...

Apparently That's

What American's Would Rather

Watch More Than Anything Else.


The Lazy, Untalented

Fat Ass, "Gold Digger"

Kim Kardashian


Communist Gay Muslim Obama

along with Communist Traitor

Senator Feinstein & The CIA

Controlled Gay Mainstream Media

Are Creating False Flag Staged

Shooting Events in an Effort to

Ban All Guns in America!


Watch Out America!

Communist Gay Obama Doesn't

Like Vaginas & He Doesn't Like

Guns Nor The U.S. Constitution!


President Malcolm X Jr. Obama

is Pushing His Gay,Transgender

Communist / Gun-Free Agenda

on America!


Here is the Openly Gay; Eric Fanning

He is Communist Gay Obama's Nomination

for the Secretary of the Army.

Fanning Doesn't Like Vaginas & He Doesn't Like

Guns. Just Like Obama!

(I Bet I Know Where That Finger's Been...

Up Obama's Ass!)



"Obama-care" is lllegal & Unconstitutional.

Just say no to Obama-care. Most Doctors &


Companies Say "No" to Obama-care. You Should



Obama, The C.I.A. & The Pentagon Stole

6.5 Trillion Dollars From The American

People, Twice as Much as Bush Jr. did & Secretly

Gave it to foreign countries, U.S. Senators &

Congressmen, stock brokers & bank owners

while the mainstream media is paid by the corrupt

US Government to remain silent about their

huge theft!


That's the reason the American Economy is still

in a Recession & you can't find a good paying

job anywhere!


Obama gave 1.2 billion dollars to Iran as a BRIBE,

then lied about it!


US Government jobs are not available to anyone

who is NOT a Freemason or from a foreign country.

So don't bother applying if you are not one.


The corrupt American Government is stealing

money from the American People to give to the

rich 1% percenters!


Did you know that your senators and congressmen

get paid millions of dollars each year by foreign

countries to outsource American jobs to their



That's how they stay rich while millions of American

citizens are forced to try to live on

foodstamps & welfare.



Gay Communist Muslim Obama & the C.I.A. are

destroying America right on schedule.

Wake Up Fellow American Taxpayer "Idiots"

& Smell The Fascism!

The "Alleged" Orlando Pulse

Nightclub Shooting was Just

Another Staged Live Active

Shooter Drill Perpetrated

by Communist Gay Muslim

Obama, the LGBT Sexual

Deviant Terrorist Organization,

the Fascist CIA, FBI, Dept. of

Homeland Security, FEMA,

Communist Traitor Senator

Feinstein & Florida Governor; Rick

the "Dick" Scott.


Communist Gay Muslim

Obama personally Helped Plan the

Orlando False-Flag Shooting While

on Vacation with his Gay Black

Lovers in Florida Recently.


FBI's Useful Idiot /

Crisis Actor Mateen

Obama & the FBI "Allegedly" met

with Their Useful Idiot Employee;

Omar Mateen to Personally Plan

the Staged Active Shooter Drill

With Him.


The FBI Faked Mateen's

Death & Later Flew Him & His

Ex-Wife Back To Afghanistan

to Wait for the CIA to Install his

Father as the new President!

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911 Was an Inside Job!


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*See the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler taken after his "alleged" suicide!

The American Government helped fake Hitler's alleged suicide & brought him to America after WWII to get a hold of his stolen Holocaust fortune.

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Here's The Conservative Piece of Crap Ted Cruz


Ted Cruz & His Father Raphael, both Work For The CIA.
Raphael "Allegedly" Conspired With George H. Bush
& the CIA's Nazi Agents to Murder President JFK!

Cuban CIA Asset: Raphael Cruz



George H. Bush & His CIA Nazi Comrades Murdered JFK.
Oswald Was a "Patsie!"


  • The "Alleged" Aurora Colorado Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Sandy Hook - Newtown Square Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Never

    Happened! It Was a Media Distraction so the Corrupt,

    Fascist Congress Could Quietly Pass "CISPA". Which

    Violates Internet Privacy & The 4th Amendment!

  • The "Alleged" Naval Yard Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Recent FT. Hood Shooting Never Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Recent Santa Barbara Shooting Never Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Virginia Reporter Shootings Never
    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Oregon College Campus Shootings Never
    Happened Either!


Everything you ever wanted to know about the 911 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. by Zack Walton

The LGBT Terrorist Organization is Conspiring with the CIA

Controlled Hollywood Mainstream Media to Secretly Promote

it's Gay Transgender Agenda Throughout America & the World.


The LGBT Terrorists are Being Paid by Celebrity Transgenders

to Have the Hollywood Media Lie & Hide Their Real Gender



Just about every male actor has to dress as a woman at some time

in his career to get an acting job in Hollywood.

Why is it that Hollywood dresses male actors as women?

Are all Hollywood Movie Producers Gay Pedophiles?

Apparently so...




Campbell's Soup Has Gone Gay!


It's Time to Boycott Campbell's Soup for Going Gay!

Campbell's Soup is trying to be Politically Correct by accepting

Obama's Gay, gun-free, Communist agenda as it's own!

Campbell's Soup is using two gay men as parents and a

token little boy to advertise it's GMO/sodium filled "gay" soup!


Hey Obama & Campbell's Soup; Gay Marriage is Wrong!

Stop Pushing Your Gay Communist, Gun-Free Agenda on America!



Sonic Has Gone Gay!


Sonic has gone gay with it's advertising too!

It has two men on a first "car date" deep throating

corn dogs while one is wearing a blonde judges wig.

Enough is Enough Obama. Stop trying to turn America Gay!


Target Has Gone Gay!

Target has gone gay with it's advertising too!

It has two gay men getting married...


Obama, Stop Pushing Your Gay Communist,

Gun-Free Agenda on America!




The Williams Transgender Sister / Brothers

Venus & Serena Williams aka: Vinny & Steve Williams are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup & Fake Tits! They are NOT "Real" Women!


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an Ugly Transgender Man Pretending to be a Woman Just Like Michelle Obama!


Miami Beach, Florida

Ugly, Transgender Freak Steve Williams aka: Serena Williams with Transgender Man Friend Laughing at the Stupid Public for Believing the lie that Serena is a Woman!


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an UGLY Transgender Man!

"It" is NOT a natural woman!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is built like an NFL Pro Running Back!

Serena & Venus Williams are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup,

Fakes Hair Weaves & Fake Tits Pretending to be Women!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is an "UGLY" Transgender Man
with Fake Tits, Fake Hair Weave & Make-up, Pretending
to be a Woman!

The Williams Sister / Brothers are NOT Women.

They don't have vaginas. They have "man-ginas" & Should

NOT be Allowed to Play Women's Tennis!

I demand a Gender Test for the Williams Transgender

Sister / Brothers!

Once They Have Tested Positive For Being Men, They Need to

Immediately be Disqualified From Playing Women's Tennis

& Forfeit all of Their Illegal Winnings, Titles & Trophies!



Proof That the Williams Sisters are Really Brothers!


Proof That the Williams Sisters are Really Brothers!


Here's What a "REAL" Woman Tennis Champion Looks Like!


World Champion Tennis Player: Maria Sharapova

She is a 100% Natural Woman. Unlike the Williams Transgender Sister/Brothers!



Special News Bulletin!

The Hollywood Comedian / Actor Phil Hartman,

The Man of 1,000 Faces, Faked His Alleged

Murder in 1998!


Phil Hartman's Name is Last Spelled Wrong

on His Tombstone.


After a Long String of Movie & TV Show Sitcom

Failures, The Not-So-Funny Canadian Born

Comedian / Actor Got Bored with Hollywood

& his Fame so He, Along with the Corrupt CIA, FBI

& Hollywood Mainstream Media Faked His Death so

he Could Avoid Paying Millions of dollars worth of

unpaid taxes to the IRS!


After Phil Hartman Faked his Death, he Underwent

Several Years Worth of Facial Reconstructive

Surgeries to Transform Himself into Jesse James.

The Over Tattooed, Overpriced,Under-Skilled

Custom Motorcycle Builder.


Alleged Undercover Federal CIA/FBI/DEA "NARC"

Jesse James aka: Phil Hartman is an Undercover Federal Agent!

Jesse James is Really 67 years old!

It's no Wonder he Looks so Bad!

After all, Tattoos, Steroids & Make-up Can Only do so Much...


Beneath all of those ugly tattoos, teenager MTV themed

gang clothes & reconstructive surgery is the 67 year old,

skinny forearm, limp wristed, Blue-Eyed, Canadian born

comedic/actor, Phil Hartman pretending to be "Jesse James!"


Phil Hartman aka: Alleged Undercover
CIA/DEA/FBI Agent: Jesse James.


Phil Hartman aka: Jesse James


Phil Hartman is Playing the Real Life Role of Jesse James!



After a Long String of Movie Failures, The Fat, Gay, Transvestite Canadian Funny Man; John Candy Along with The Corrupt, CIA, FBI & the Hollywood Mainstream Media Faked His Death in 1994.

John Candy Had Plastic Surgery on his Face, Gender Reconstructive Surgery & Female Hormone Injections to Become a Transgender Woman.

"It" Then Took Over the Identity of CNN Reporter Candy Crowley.

The Real CNN Reporter; The 120lb Candy Crowley.

The Real "Candy" Crowley was Given a Different Identity & a CIA Facelift.


The Fat, Ugly & Disgusting 350+ lb. Transgender Fake CNN Reporter:

"John" Candy Crowley

The Corrupt, Fascist LAPD is Seen Here Rescuing a

CPR Dummy in a Wheelchair While Falsely Claiming

It's a Real Person!

The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened,

It Was Just another Obama anti-second amendment

false-flag shooting Drill!


These White House / FEMA / TSA / C.I.A. / F.B.I. /

Homeland Security Terror Drill Hoaxes Are

False-Flag Attacks Against Democracy & America.


The American Public is Wise to the US

Government's Illegal, Communist, False-Flag

Attacks Against America.

Obama is Pushing a Communist, Homosexual

Anti-Gun Agenda on America!

The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Was a FEMA False-Flag, Mass Casualty Terror Drill Hoax. Just Like The "Alleged" Newtown Square, Ct, "Alleged" Aurora, CO Mass Casualty Shooting Practice Drills & Recent "Alleged" Murder of a Female Bad Driver by D.C. Cops.


Here is the double amputee FEMA crisis actor aka: Jeff Bauman with fake injured leg prosthetic legs over his "stumps." Notice that there is no blood anywhere and he is not in any pain! Hey, where's the blood trail & horrific pain?

Another, lying piece of shit, fake victim/ FEMA crisis actor pretending to be scared & injured...Awe he so scared it's frightening!


Another lying Piece of Shit FEMA crisis actor pretending to be scared with a fake leg wound without any blood on the bandage was just helping a lady in the photo above, now he's injured and needs a wheelchair...Bullshit!

Corrupt Gestapo FBI Agent & Corrupt Public Officials
Committing Treason on Camera.

Here we have the real criminals / co-conspirators behind the Boston Marathon bombing hoax. A dishonest, Anti-American, F.B.I. agent "pencil neck / red-tie & glasses" & his Treasonist, Boston Government cronies lying to the world about their staged FEMA mass casualty crisis bombing anti-gun propaganda movie they were filming.


The Boston Police Commissioner Resigns in Shame!

The Lying, Boston Police Commissioner Resigned in Shame Before He Could Be Charged & Tried For Treason & Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism, For Organizing the "False Flag" Boston Marathon Bombing Attack Hoax!

Here is the Treasonist, Boston Police Commissioner Lying to the World About What Really Took Place That Day. The anti-American, Communist Police Commission resigned in shame before he could be arrested and charged with Treason. The Treasonist Boston Police bomb squad & the Craft Team mercenaries are guilty of discharging two flash bombs in public areas & creating false flag terrorism to aid Obama's agenda to ban the second amendment & declare martial law.



The "Corrupt" Anti-American FBI Gestapo Apparently Hired a Hitman Named Aaron McFarlane Who was a Rogue, Violent, Ex-Oakland, CA Cop with a Criminal Past to Murder Todeshev, An Unarmed Federal Witness, In Cold Blood by Cowardly Shooting Him in the Back Several Times and Then In The Head to Finish Him off!

Update: 3/22/2014

The murdering Nazi Gestapo FBI agent Aaron McFarlane was NOT charged with any crimes for committing premeditated murder!

I object to the FBI's illegal/unlawful murderous activities! I urge all Americans to buy guns to protect themselves and to contact their elected officials to demand an investigation into the FBI's illegal murderous activities before they can murder another innocent man! You might be next!

Watch out American Journalists, the corrupt FBI could murder you next, for no reason & they will get away with it!

The corrupt Boston Police Gestapo Murdered The FBI's "Useful Idiot" Older Brother Tamerlan & Then The Rogue FBI Flew Down to Florida & Murdered His Buddy, Todeshev, a Federal Witness. The FBI Then Pinned Several of "Their" Unsolved Whitey Bulger Murders on The Pair to Further Discredit them. The "Rogue" corrupt FBI then murdered two of its good agents that were involved in the arrest of the FBI's "useful idiot" younger brother accused bomber by throwing them out of a helicopter during a routine training mission.

Question: "When is it okay for the FBI to murder two of its own agents and a Federal Witness?"

Answer: "To help Obama & Feinstein achieve their Communist agenda of banning the 2nd Amendment & declaring martial law, in an effort to create a New World Order Government in America."

Why wasn't there any investigation into the FBI's murders?


"Who Wants More Gun Control?

Raise Your Right Hand..."


Mysteries At The National Parks – C.I.A. Nazi UFO Bases!

Erik ORION tells his story about Hitler's final days to the world live

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Here's Present Day Oak Island, Nova Scotia


The Freemason's Age Old Secret About The Existence of
The Pyramids of Oak Island is Over!

Fred Nolan is dead. He was "#7." Now the treasure can be found!

R.I.P. - Fred Nolan

Nolan discovered the secret of Oak Island's pyramids during the late 1960's.

Nolan was a very smart 33rd Degree Freemason. Sorry, but he was also a very devious "liar" & "crooked"/ dishonest land surveyor. Nolan was convicted of moving land markers on Oak Island around to benefit himself & screw Dan Blankenship.

Nolan created "fake" treasure item clues & left them around Oak Island while stealing
& destroying any "real" clues that he found.

I'm alleging that Nolan & his Freemason buddies have been looting the gold treasure
from inside the secret pyramids of Oak Island for 50+ years & smuggling the booty
off of Oak Island from Nolan's boat dock.


Ladies & Gentlemen: Erik ORION is pleased to announce the amazing discovery of

The Pyramids of "New Egypt" aka: Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Here's ORION's "Theory #9" of Where the Pyramids of Oak Island
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It is my "THEORY" that King Solomon's New Temple Pyramid is Hidden Below

This Man-Made "Skull" Island Known as Big Fish Island.

It's my "THEORY" that Big Fish Island is Captain's Kidd's "Skeleton Island" where his lost treasure is buried as well.

This is the "REAL" Oak Island. This is Where you will Find The Ark of the Covenant, The Holy Grail, et al...Biblical Treasure.


Big Fish Island is located about 3 miles North East of Where the

Trunk of the Elephant Shaped Oak Island is Pointing.

I am not able to visit Oak Island or Big Fish Island to validate my theories

due to lack of funding...

If anyone or any Nation is willing to finance me, I am available to lead an expedition
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I have "treasure" spots in South Florida & The Lost Dutchman National Park
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I welcome comments and theories from other Oak Island "researchers."

If you have a "better" or new & original theory about Oak Island,

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