The Bush Connection eBook is an Anti-Nazi History Book!

911 Was an Inside Job!


Skorzeny Helped Hitler Fake His "Alleged" Suicide in 1945!

The Bush Connection Ebook is an amazing non-fiction, anti-Nazi history book that details the Bush Family's connection to SS Nazi war criminals & Adolph Hitler. Hitler's Giant 6' 4" Bodyguard, Commando: Otto Skorzeny Tells All!

See never before published photos of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush with SS Nazi's and more! George H.W. Bush wasn't born in America! He is a presidential usurper and must be impeached to restore Democracy in America !

Learn the identities of the CIA's most beloved Nazi war criminal employees; Scherff Jr., Mengele, Skorzeny, Brunner, Rauff, Gehlen, Wisner & more! See never before seen photos of the optically invisible Aurora Spy Plane leaving a donuts-on-a-rope vapor contrail taking by Skorzeny. *See the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler taken after his "alleged" suicide!

The American Government helped fake Hitler's alleged suicide & brought him to America after WWII to get a hold of his stolen Holocaust fortune.

Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. or Obama has ever done for America or for you? If not, you better buy a copy of The Bush Connection ebook before it's too late! Help Stop The New World Order takeover of America! Buy a Copy Today!




Mysteries At The National Parks – Nazi UFO’s

Erik ORION tells his story about Hitler's final days to the world live on the Travel Channel!

Erik's section starts 4:55 minutes after the video starts.



"Obama-care" is lllegal & Unconstitutional.

Just say no to Obama-care. Most Doctors & Insurance

Companies Say "No" to Obama-care. You Should Too.


Obama, The C.I.A. & The Pentagon Stole

6.5 Trillion Dollars From The American

People, Twice as Much as Bush Jr. did & Secretly

Gave it to foreign countries, U.S. Senators &

Congressmen, stock brokers & bank owners

while the mainstream media is paid by the corrupt

US Government to remain silent about their

huge theft!


That's the reason the American Economy is still

in a Recession & you can't find a good paying

job anywhere!


Obama gave 1.2 billion dollars to Iran as a BRIBE,

then lied about it!


US Government jobs are not available to anyone

who is NOT a Freemason or from a foreign country.

So don't bother applying if you are not one.


The corrupt American Government is stealing

money from the American People to give to the

rich 1% percenters!


Did you know that your senators and congressmen

get paid millions of dollars each year by foreign

countries to outsource American jobs to their citizens?


That's how they stay rich while millions of American

citizens are forced to try to live on

foodstamps & welfare.


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The Pyramids of Oak Island

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Here's What Oak Island Looks Like With X-Ray Vision!


"The age old mystery to the secrets of Oak Island is finally revealed!"

This eBook contains, original theories, photos and information about the "real" origins of

Oak Island, Nova Scotia. For More Information & Photos of Secret Underground &

Underwater Pyramids From all Over the World, Please Visit my Other Website:


Here's the "REAL" Oak Island in Nova Scotia with CYGNUS

the Swan Above & King Solomon's New Temple Pyramid Below:



Here's What the Real Oak Island Looks Like With X-Ray Vision!



The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

Compliments of Erik ORION the "Pyramid Hunter."


Stayed Tuned For Erik ORION's Next Books:


# 3 Secret Underground Pyramids of the World


# 4 The Lost Dutchman Goldmine is Found!


There is an Ancient Inca Pyramid City Buried in

the Ground at The Lost Dutchman National Park

in Arizona. The Lost Dutchman Goldmine

is NOT a "Conventional" Mine at all...


Forbidden Archaeology Discovered by ORION!


I, Erik ORION discovered an Ancient Inca Pyramid

City high atop the mountains in Apache Junction,

Arizona. Montezuma's Lost City of Gold perhaps?

There are huge pyramids with hand carvings

of cats, dogs, monkeys, elephants, dinosaurs,

& large skulls with pirate hats.


Here's El Diablo Gigante- a Huge Rock Carving

Watching Over A Hidden Goldmine

in The Lost Dutchman National Park, AZ.

This is NOT The Lost Dutchman Goldmine.


ORION Discovers More Mainstream Media Lies!


The Weather Channel, History Channel, Vatican

& All The World Governments Are Conspiring

to Lie About What The Chocolate Hills of

the Philippines Really Are...


These "Hills" are Ancient Pyramids NOT Naturally

Occuring Limestone Erosion Deposits as the

Right Wing Controlled Media Claims!


The Mainstream Media Denies These Pyramids

Exist so the Philippine Government,

the C.I.A. & the Vatican can Loot Them

Without the Public Knowing About it.




"Who Wants More Gun Control? Raiseour Right Hand..."

It's Time To Impeach Obama & Communist Senator Feinstein Before They Create More False Flag Attacks to Use As Excuses to Declare Martial Law & Repeal The Second Amendment!




Watch Out Americans!

Obama & the mainstream media are pushing a Gay,

Communist, Muslim Anti-Gun agenda on America!

The NRA Protects American's Rights!


Erik ORION is available to lead your Oak Island or

Lost Dutchman Goldmine Expedition.


I Have the Exact GPS Coordinates for the Lost

Dutchman Goldmine & Many Others Just Like it!



I am available to be the guest speaker on

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