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Erik ORION, the self-proclaimed world's greatest unknown investigative journalist / inventor strikes again!
Michael Rockefeller, Janis Joplin, Freddie Prinze, Elvis, Andy Kaufman, John Belushi, John Candy, Sam Kinison, Phil Hartman,
River Phoenix, Chris Farley & David Bowie are still alive and I've discovered who they all are.

"Hey dead celebrities; if you would like to remain anonymous, maybe we can work something out?"

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The Michael Rockefeller Disappearance Hoax is Finally Solved!

LGBT; Michael Rockefeller allegedly had international arrest warrants for molesting children all over the World. He was facing life in a foreign prison for being a serial child molester so he faked his own death, he illegally claimed his multi-million dollar life insurance policy, moved to Hollywood, CA & became the Disney Hollywood LGBT alleged pedophile, possible transgender woman actor; Tom Hanks.

The "alleged" lost Heir; Michael Rockefeller is really the Disney Hollywood actor: Tom Hanks!

The alleged serial child molester Michael Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks was recently tipped off by the corrupt Fascist F.B.I. Nazis that his fake cover had been blown by me, so he abruptly moved to Greece & became a citizen, that way he couldn't be extradited back to America to face possible charges for faking his death to avoid numerous international molestation charges & insurance fraud.


Contrary to the lie spread by the Rockefeller Family, the C.I.A., F.B.I. & the Hearst owned media, Michael Rockefeller was NOT eaten by crocodiles, piranhas nor cannibals while "allegedly" vacationing in New Guinea!


C.I.A./Disney Studios Fake Photo of Michael Rockefeller with
New Guinea natives.
(Notice how light Michael appears compared to the rest of the photo.)


The C.I.A. &F.B.I. helped Michael Rockefeller fake his death so he could live out his gay lifestyle in anonymity as the Disney Hollywood Actor: Tom Hanks!

Michael Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks is at least 10+ years older than he appears & claims to be. He uses anti-aging hormone injections a toupee and plastic surgery to look much younger than he really is.


(Notice the same pigeon chests, nipples & skinny arms)


(Notice the same skinny, "Forrest Gump-type" limp wrists)


(Notice the ears, nose and glasses, they are the same)

hankhead hankear2

Tom Hanks posturing; "Hey, look at my left ear..."


Rockefeller's "disgusting" looking left ear & Tom Hanks surgically altered left ear from the image below.

*Notice the same pattern of 5 bumps on the cheek by the bottom of left ear.

Michael Rockefeller has a hideous, animal/alien looking deformed left ear with no ear lobe, skin tags, growths, lumps, tumors & small bumps or pox on his cheek, probably caused by years of family inbreeding and or syphilis of the ear or from eating human flesh infected with leprosy or possibly Kimura's Disease caused by an insect bite or tropical fungus. Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks has had years of plastic surgery to correct his hideous looking left ear and bumpy, pock marked skin by his left ear. Hanks is probably deaf in his left ear.



Michael Rockefeller & his disgusting looking, deformed left ear & self as Tom Hanks. (Disney Studios / C.I.A. altered this photo by blurring the area around his left ear.)

Michael Rockefeller/Tom Hanks, the gig is up. You hid the truth for more than 50 years! Good con job. It's ok if you are gay and older than you really are. No one cares other than your father. It's time for you to announce to the world that you are really Michael Rockefeller. You have nothing to lose by admitting your true identity and all to gain!


 Erik ORION, the self proclaimed world's greatest unknown investigative journalist strikes again!



Many more Hollywood transgender Freemason actors, musicians, news anchors politicians & CEO's will be exposed. I know who they are & soon the whole world will too.

The U.S. Government & Hollywood are filled with Communist C.I.A. controlled Freemason LGBT transgender men & women.They are desperately trying to bankrupt America, make it gay, gun-free with a New World Order Communist Government running everything.




Watch Out Americans! The mainstream media is pushing a Gay,
Communist, Anti-Gun agenda on America!

The NRA Protects American's Rights!




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