The Pyramids of Oak Island

Here's another one of my amazing books'; The Pyramids of Oak Island.



It's my new and original theory that Oak Island was built on top of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City known as New Egypt, the capital city of New Jerusalem. It is also my theory that many islands in Nova Scotia
were man-made by the Freemasons to hide ancient Egyptian Pyramids once loaded with gold.

The Russian, American & Canadian Governments along with the Freemasons have been lying to the world about Egyptian Pyramids existing on Oak Island for their own monetary benefit for 100's of years!


No more lies Freemasons. There are pyramids on Oak Island & I re-discovered them.The greedy Freemason's along with the American, Canadian & Russian Governments are keeping the fact that there are Egyptian Pyramids once loaded with gold on Oak Island & all over N. America a secret from the public so they alone can benefit from the treasure & knowledge contained inside of them.


                                           Here's a montage of some of my theories' mixed in with classic Oak Island photos.











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