Communist Freemason Transgender Celebrities Exposed!




The Freemason Satanic Transgender God

Erik ORION exposes the Secret Satanic Society / Cabal of Communist C.I.A. controlled, brainwashed, ugly, mentally confused, low IQ, LGBT transgender Freemason men & women who are working at all levels of the American Government & they're the ones making the laws. I will be exposing all of them one by one...

No wonder America is so screwed up! They are trying hard to ban all guns, turn America gay, implement Communism accompanied with Muslim Sharia Law face-coverings. They must be stopped from creating a gay, gun-free Communist New World Order in America.

Communism, Socialism & LGBT transgenderism are forms of mental illness. They should be treated as a disability & not accepted as normal behavior by World Governments, the mass media, Hollywood & society.


Communist Freemason Transgender Celebrities & Billionaire CEO's Exposed!


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Erik ORION exposes the secret identities of 50+ of Hollywood's biggest all time movie stars from past to present as the Communist transgender "frauds" they really are. You will be amazed at just how many Hollywood iconic "sex symbols" were really the opposite sex of who they appear to be in public. I guarantee that you will be as shocked & disappointed as I was when I first learned the real truth about the "real" Hollywood.

Here are a few transgender "celebrities" that I'll be exposing...










Playboy & Penthouse suck & always did! Hustler rules & always has.
Ah, there's nothing like a Hustler "beaver hunt."

God Bless Larry Flint & God Bless America!
Keep up the good work Larry...



The radical pacifist, anti-gun, fat sack of shit Michael Moore is really an ugly Communist Freemason LGBT woman pretending to be a man, aka: Michelle. You should go back to Russia you ugly, fat Commie bitch.



Fox News, CNN & the Weather Channel have Communist C.I.A. Operation Mockingbird man-trannies pretending to be women & women trannies pretending to be men presenting the news to the world.


I'm accusing FOX News's Judge Jeanine & Ann Coulter aka: Andy of being gay, C.I.A. / LGBT transgender men.


The Conservative Ann Coulter is a tall long-neck giraffe looking, ugly C.I.A. Operation Mockingbird / LGBT man-tranny & one of Trump's many man-tranny butt-buddies.



The Williams Transgender Sister / Brothers

Venus & Serena Williams aka: Vinny & Steve Williams

are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup & Fake Tits!

They are NOT "Real" Women!

They think that they are "entitled" because they are black so tennis laws rules don't apply to them, only to the dumb white people. Wrong! Your days of beating women are over.

Here's the man-tranny Serena pretending to be pregnant & with a fake silicone baby.

Vinnie & Steve Williams
The Williams Sister / Brothers are NOT Women. They don't have vaginas.
They have "man-ginas" & Should NOT be Allowed to Play Women's Tennis!

Their alleged father is a transgender woman pretending to be a man
& their alleged mother is a transgender man pretending to be a woman.


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an Ugly Transgender Manserena1

Pretending to be a Woman Just Like Michelle Obama!

Miami Beach, Florida...Ugly, Transgender Freak Steve Williams aka: Serena Williams
Laughing at the stupid public for believing the lie that Serena is a Woman!


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an UGLY Transgender Man!

"It" is NOT a natural woman!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is built like an NFL Pro Running Back!

Serena & Venus Williams are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup,

Fakes Hair Weaves & Fake Tits Pretending to be Women!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is an "UGLY" Transgender Man
with Fake Tits, Fake Hair Weave & Make-up, Pretending
to be a Woman!

The Williams Sister / Brothers are NOT Women. They don't have vaginas.
They have "man-ginas" & Should NOT be Allowed to Play Women's Tennis!

I demand a Gender Test for the Williams Transgender Sister / Brothers!

Once They Have Tested Positive For Being Men, They Need to Immediately
be Disqualified From Playing Women's Tennis & Forfeit all of Their Illegal Winnings,
Titles & Trophies!



Proof That the Williams Sisters are Really Brothers!















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