Communist Freemason Transgender Politicians Exposed!



The Freemason Satanic Transgender God

Erik ORION exposes the Secret Satanic Society / Cabal of Communist C.I.A. controlled, brainwashed, ugly, mentally confused, low IQ, LGBT transgender Freemason men & women who are working at all levels of the American Government & they're the ones making the laws. I will be exposing all of them one by one...

No wonder America is so screwed up! They are trying hard to ban all guns, turn America gay, implement Communism accompanied with Muslim Sharia Law face-coverings. They must be stopped from creating a gay, gun-free Communist New World Order in America.

Communism, Socialism & LGBT transgenderism are forms of mental illness. They should be treated as a disability & not accepted as normal behavior by World Governments, the mass media, Hollywood & society.


Erik ORION's latest book; Transgender Politicians Exposed discloses the secret transgender identities of some of the most famous politicians of all time.

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